Today I wasn’t in school because I had a field trip with my social justice class. We all met up at the town hall for a leadership training. I had a great time, and from the opinions of the people I talked to afterward the rest of the group did too. We learned a lot of techniques and models for leadership and taking initiative in a team. It was nice because the training involved a lot of activities. We did some classic team building games and some other activities more focused on facilitation and team work.

After the training I decided to do something about the massive pile of clothes on my bedroom floor. I’m a pretty tidy person, but I let it gather for too long. The funny thing is that they were all clean. The only problem was that I kept doing loads of laundry, but instead of putting them away I just dumped them on the floor in front of my dresser. I ate a passion fruit sorbet while I cleaned and it was delicious (I talk about food a lot…). I also listened to an episode of This American Life, which is an absolutely amazing radio show produced in Chicago that plays on NPR. I am actually going to TAL Live on the 23rd- they are basically recording an episode and streaming it live to movie theaters across the country. I got my ticket at the beginning of March  and it was almost sold out. The show was in two months… Wow. I’m excited (it’s pretty much the only thing I have planned for this coming vacation other than visiting my sister).

P. S. I think you should all check the show out. There is a free podcast on itunes that comes out once a week. Here are some of my favorite episodes:

  • Somewhere Out There (this one is really funny)
  • Scenes from a mall  (this one includes the story of a rift in the National Association of Real-bearded Santas, yes it exists!)
  • Fear of sleeping (just interesting)
  • 20 Acts in 60 Minutes (just what it sounds like, and really entertaining)