I haven’t written in a long time. This was probably about 80% because I was away, and 20% because of pure laziness.

Well, between now and the last time I wrote an entry the weather has made a drastic shift. It is gorgeous out- warm, sunny, breezy. Perfect. My dad said it is the hottest April since 1812. I tried to find evidence online to support this, but I couldn’t find anything. I did only look for a second though (so I won’t totally discredit him…at least not yet). Anyway hot weather means summer (soon) and summer means no more high school!!! I can’t wait.

When I visited my sister in Maine we worked out on her Wii Fit for 30 minutes and did crunches etc for another 30 minutes every morning. It felt good to be exercising again and something about the warm weather made it easier. Maybe the fact that i know I will be in a bathing suit soon? Or just the fact that I am a happier person when it’s sunny out? Either way it feels good and I’ve kept it up since I got back by walking my two dogs, doing aerobics, and weights.

Now some amazing websites:

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I found this the other day and I think it is absolutely adorable!!!