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This morning I woke up around 8:30 and got straight to work studying for my AP enviro test, which is on Tuesday. I have been convincing myself that I don’t care how I do, because I really haven’t felt like studying. We took three practice tests (just the multiple choice sections) in school and I got a 4/5 and a 5 on the first two. Then I got a 3 on the most recently released test and it scared me a bit. Even though the test doesn’t technically matter, at least not at all for my class grade, I still hope I do well. So I bought an AP achiever and tried to take notes from that as review. I read 80 pages so far today. Now I feel like I can’t do anymore. But, while trying to avoid studying I was really productive. I did my math and enviro homework, did laundry, cleaned the house, wrote in my journal, and found a super cool application. It’s called poladroid. You can upload it from this. website. Then it works like a polaroid camera, you feed it files and it gives you polaroid version of your pictures. It’s pretty neat.

I did a few pictures with it, and more are on my Flickr.

Sadye's Izzy Pics - 034_2-pola



  1. Swine flu has reached my town. SHIT. I’m not actually scared of the flu, but I do think it is crazy how things spread around the world.
  2. 17 days of school left!!!!
  3. I am done with my senior paper. For good. Over. Yes! (Poor Julia and Lisa who are still working on their senior project stuff)
  4. I have made a promise to myself that I will draw something in my journal everyday. We’ll see if I keep it up.
  5. Happy Hanson Day (that was for Julia)
  6. I tried a frozen yogurt with pineapple, strawberries, and blueberries from forty carrots at Bloomingdale’s this afternoon. Delicious. And apparently only 100 calories? Awesome. Now I need to try pinkberry (I think that’s what its called?.
  7. Tonight is my TV night: America’s Next Top Model and Lost! It used to include The Real World, but now that’s over :(.
  8. My math problem set sucks and is hard and sucks some more.
  9. I missed Sarah today because she was taking an AP math test. Smarty pants.
  10. I am writing a list because I don’t have too much to say (clearly)

So, I had a really hard time finding a prom dress this past weekend. Tonight I was telling my sister about how I still wasn’t too sure about the dress I picked out. So, being the good sister that she is she looked around for me and found a dress I really like (red one below). Then I found one that I think will fit me better and I think I like better as well (black one below). I told my mom and she said I should order these two online, chose between the three dresses, and return the two I don’t want in the end. I liked that idea, so I ordered them. I’m so excited to try them out!!!

This afternoon, once I finished my homework (I barely have any due tomorrow!), I decided to draw something in my journal. I sort of like how it turned out, so I thought I would share:

Also, Julia posted a really note about Allie on her blog. I saw it and wanted to say I love Allie too!!! I’m sorry you had a bad day :/