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I haven’t written in a long time. This was probably about 80% because I was away, and 20% because of pure laziness.

Well, between now and the last time I wrote an entry the weather has made a drastic shift. It is gorgeous out- warm, sunny, breezy. Perfect. My dad said it is the hottest April since 1812. I tried to find evidence online to support this, but I couldn’t find anything. I did only look for a second though (so I won’t totally discredit him…at least not yet). Anyway hot weather means summer (soon) and summer means no more high school!!! I can’t wait.

When I visited my sister in Maine we worked out on her Wii Fit for 30 minutes and did crunches etc for another 30 minutes every morning. It felt good to be exercising again and something about the warm weather made it easier. Maybe the fact that i know I will be in a bathing suit soon? Or just the fact that I am a happier person when it’s sunny out? Either way it feels good and I’ve kept it up since I got back by walking my two dogs, doing aerobics, and weights.

Now some amazing websites:

50 strange buildings from around the world
Amazing way of conveying statistics about waste
Creative photographs
Post it art

I found this the other day and I think it is absolutely adorable!!!


I think the easiest way to describe the past few days without taking up a lot of space is to use bullet points. I had a lot of fun in Maine with my sister and niece, and I’m sad to leave tomorrow night. I’m really excited to see my friends though! Unfortunately when I get back I have a lot to do. I made a big list on my listography.

Now for the bullet points:

  • Had a Real Housewives of New York City marathon
  • Finished the book A Hope in the Unseen
  • Made lemon cupcakes
  • Ate a lot of food
  • Went to the Maine Mall
  • Went to the Christmas Tree Shop
  • Drove my sister’s car to pick up take out for us and walked three blocks in the pouring rain to the restaurant (and loved it)
  • Did spring cleaning
  • Watched Fried Green Tomatoes and East of Eden
  • Went to a five year old’s birthday party
  • Took pictures of an awesome, funky, artistic house
  • Worked out with Wii Fit and had exercise sessions with my sister
  • Got a lot of time alone with my sister, which was really really nice
  • Went to a thrift store
  • Talked to my step-mom’s crazy neighbors
  • Decided my family should have our own TV show
  • Watched my niece have a huge meltdown and felt entirely out of control
  • Painted with my niece

(Two of the pictures I took at the house)